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Did you know that tart (sour) cherries have powerful secret nutrients? Studies have found that the antioxidants in tart cherries are highest at peak ripeness, so consuming them when they are fully ripe will offer the most health benefits. Both fresh tart cherries and cherry juice concentrate contain compounds called anthocyanins that provide the following health benefits:

  • Arthritis pain relief
  • Lower risk of stroke.
  • Protection for people with existing gout from recurrent attacks.
  • Lowered risk for inflammation
  • Beneficial metabolic affects such as decreasing fat, sugar, and insulin levels in the blood
  • Melatonin in tart cherries promotes better sleep
  • Helps reduce free radicals in the body, possibly reducing the risk of some cancers and Alzheimer’s disease

Everyone should try to eat more fruits and vegetables; adding tart cherries (or the concentrate) can easily add an extra serving of fruit to your meal plan each day!

Ohioans are fortunate to be able to enjoy many different types of locally produced foods (including cherries). Ohio State University Extension is providing the opportunity for people to celebrate that fact during the second annual Ohio Local Foods Week, Aug. 7-13.

“We are blessed here in Ohio with an abundance of locally grown and produced items,” said Heather Neikirk, OSU Extension educator and co-leader of Extension’s Local Foods Signature Program. So celebrate local foods week with us and get started today!

Written by: Marie Diniaco Economos, Ohio State University Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Trumbull County, Western Reserve EERA, economos.2@osu.edu

Reviewed by: Donna Green. Ohio State University Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Erie County, Erie Basin EERA, green.308@osu.edu





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