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With the holidays coming up and social events on the horizon, easy and nutritious appetizers and snacks are a must. That’s where deviled eggs come in. They’re fast and easy to make and are always a crowd pleaser. A buffet table without a platter of these is a sad sight, which is why it’s not uncommon to see several plates of them. Everyone seems to have their own way to make deviled eggs; they are so customizable that you can experiment and find which way is your favorite. Deviled eggs can also be a great way to get some extra protein and nutrients in a convenient little package.picture of deviled eggs

Eggs have been a food of controversy for years, but they are, in-fact, little power houses of nutrition. One egg contains 70 calories, 6 grams of protein, and over 13 vitamins and minerals including Vitamin D and Choline, making them a good addition to a balanced diet. Although egg yolks are a source of cholesterol, the American Heart Association now suggests that an egg a day can be part of a heart healthy diet.

Food safety is always something important to consider when working in the kitchen, so make sure to take appropriate precautions when dealing with raw eggs. When boiling eggs, make sure that both the white and the yolk are completely cooked and solid. Properly cooked hard boiled eggs may be stored in a refrigerator set to 40℉ or less for up to 1 week.

A typical deviled egg recipe calls for hard-boiled egg yolks to be mixed with mayonnaise, mustard and/or relish. The USDA Mixing Bowl offers a great basic recipe for deviled eggs with suggestions for garnishes and add-ins here. However, that’s just the tip of the iceberg! There are an infinite number of possibilities for garnishes and add-ins you can use to create your own deviled egg recipe. Some examples are:

  • Hot sauce and blue cheese
  • Cheddar cheese and horseradish
  • Chives and paprika
  • Hummus
  • Guacamole
  • Green chilies and cayenne pepper

The next time you attend a gathering that calls for a healthy treat, consider whipping up some deviled eggs with your own twist and wowing everyone!

Writer: Ashley Barto, Dietetic Intern, Ohio State College of Medicine, School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences, barto.21@osu.edu

Reviewer: Jenny Lobb, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Franklin County, lobb.3@osu.edu


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