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Why not give a gift that encourages health, rather than the quick and easy gift, or one that actually discourages wellness? While the possibilities are endless, we have developed a list that has something for everyone.

Wellness Gift Ideas:

  • giftCookbooks – Think about the new trends such as root vegetables, gluten free, or farm to table.
  • Teas – whether green, black or white. There is research to support the health benefits of teas.
  • Gift cards to farmers market , local fruit farm, or nursery (this may be for future plants or garden supplies)
  • Insulated lunch or grocery bag
  • Insulated water bottle (with fresh fruit infuser)
  • Adult lunch containers (include dressing slots, small compartments for sides, etc.)
  • Pretty apron and new holiday inspired dishtowels
  • Bath and shower gels, candles, or lotions
  • Fresh fruit or nuts
  • Gift card to a cooking store
  • Gift card for a massage or mani/pedi
  • Salad spinner
  • Yoga mat, workout DVD, or a certificate to an additional service at their favorite fitness center
  • Workout clothes, shoes, or bag
  • Canning supplies, such as new jars or equipment
  • Food processor, immersion blender, or slow cooker
  • Cordless activity and sleep tracker
  • Dance video games – There are choices for every age and music preference (country, kids, Broadway, current music, summer hits, and much more).
  • Humor books – cartoons, funnies
  • Books on positivity – such as, Jon Gordon’s “Energy Bus” or books on Mindfulness
  • Gift basket with a new cookbook, the ingredients for one recipe, and a cooking tool that might be needed
  • For many people music is a great stress reliever – Purchase CDs, music download cards, or even tickets to a local musical

Who are you going to give a wellness gift to this year?

Written by: Lisa Barlage, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Ross County.

Reviewer: Kathryn Dodrill, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Washington County.

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