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No time for grocery shopping but the refrigerator is empty?   Maybe it’s time to trgrocery-store-2619380__340y online ordering with pickup or delivery.  Many grocery chains are offering this option, which can be helpful in our busy lifestyle.  So, what are the pros and cons?


  • Online ordering can be done anytime of the day. Most grocery websites store your last shopping list.  This can make it easier to reorder items and make adjustments.  You can build a shopping list throughout the week when you realize you will need to buy something.
  • Most people spend less as they are not tempted with impulse buying.
  • Pick-up or delivery saves you time. Leaving you more time for family, work, or activities.
  • Less stress can be an advantage, if you have small children you don’t have to worry about them while grocery shopping. If you have to shop at peak times you can avoid the crowds.
  • Most stores will select the best quality produce, meats or other items forWest Region DWD Project 015 you.
  • Some stores link manufacture’s coupons to items making it easy to click to save on the items in your online cart.
  • Delivery or pick up can be convenient for people who are ill or have problems with mobility.
  • If you have groceries delivered you can save on your gasoline bill.


  • Depending on the store it may be more expensive especially if you have groceries delivered. Some delivery time-slots cost more than others, due to high demand.
  • You may not get the quality of produce or other items that you would pick for yourself. It is hard to know what the produce at the store looks like, as you might have changed your mind on what to buy.
  • You miss out on reduced price or manager’s specials.
  • You miss out on social interaction with other customers and the grocery staff.
  • Some websites are difficult to maneuver.
  • Can’t use paper coupons.

My daughter has been ordering her groceries online and using the pick-up option.  She likes that it takes less time, and she doesn’t have to get her children in and out of the car seats.   She says she is spending less and has the same amount of food in the house.    I live in a smaller city where the option is not available to us yet.  I am very picky on my produce, so I am not sure I would use it, even if it was available.

Please let us know what your experience has been with online grocery shopping using pickup or delivery?

Author:  Pat Brinkman, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Fayette County.

Reviewer: Lisa Barlage, Extension Educator, Family and Consumer Sciences, Ohio State University Extension, Ross County.


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