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Eating  Well  While  Vacationing  Saves  the  Guilt  and  Waistline  too!

Should vacation be a time to indulge without guilt?  Will all those high calorie/high fat meals cause you to regret booking the trip when you return? How can you keep from ruining your vacation memories by having to purchase bigger clothes or compromising your health upon return?

Let’s explore some tips that could help you enjoy your vacation without blowing the healthy lifestyle.

Start out by choosing how many times you indulge. A great way to plan this is the 80/20 rule. This involves eating well 80% of the time so when you do indulge the other 20% can be without guilt. This involves a little planning. A part of vacation is being able to enjoy and sample local cuisine. When you focus on moderation a greater appreciation of those special meals and tastes occurs.

Don’t allow hunger to turn into an indulgence. Pack easy to carry along snacks for the long sightseeing or beach going days. Then, when it is getting close to time for a meal you can choose wisely rather than finding the first place to eat out of desperation as your body screams in hunger.

Realize that going overboard is normal, and vacation is a departure from the normal routine.  Going overboard does not break your healthy lifestyle forever. Treat the next day as a new opportunity to make healthy choices once again.

Enjoy your vacation with some active activities. This will allow you to experience the cuisine while helping your waistline, and guilt feelings too!

Vacation should be a time to relax and recharge. Don’t allow your eating and unhealthy lifestyle choices to put a damper on your fun.

Source: www.rd411.com

Author: Liz Smith, Family and Consumer Science Educator, Ohio State University Extension.chicken burrito

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