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thunder storm

Be prepared for the upcoming storm season. Have a plan with your family and review it frequently to ensure everyone’s safety. The American Red Cross recommends reading these storm safety tips to be prepared and having these emergency supplies on hand in a safe place with easy access:

Make a Storm Plan

• Keep emergency supplies on hand
• Familiarize yourself with local evacuation routes
• Have an escape plan and a meeting point that is simple for all family members to remember
• Be sure to make arrangements for your pet should an emergency arise
• Establish an out-of-state friend who all members of the family know how to contact

Have These Emergency Supplies on Hand in A Safe Place with Easy Access

• Flashlight
• Battery-powered or hand crank radio
• Extra batteries
• First aid kit
• Moisture wipes
• Water- Fill up bathtub and containers with water for washing
• 7-day supply of medications, including pet medications
• Copies of personal and financial documents
• Emergency contact information
• Extra cash
• Maps
• Extra car and house keys
• Charged cell phone and charger
• Hand crank cell phone charge (available at online internet companies)

Food and Water

Plan to have enough food and water per family member for up to 7 days

• Bottles water – at least 1 gallon daily/person
• Non-perishable packaged or canned food
• Baby food/formula and food for seniors
• Pet food
• Cooking tools/fuel
• Plastic plates/utensils/napkins
• Manual can opener
• Cooler

Secure Your Home

• Bring all loose items inside
• Trim dead branches from trees around your home
• Unplug any appliances not in use
• Inspect and reinforce doors, windows, roof and garage
• Take pictures of your home yearly for insurance purposes

Learn about your local community’s emergency warning system and discuss safety with family members.

Sources: American Red Cross
Author: Beth Stefura M Ed, RD, LD, Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Mahoning County
Reviewer: Liz Smith, M.S, RDN., LD , NE Regional Program Specialist, SNAP-ED, OSU Extension
Lisa Barlage, Extension Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Ross County

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