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The month of December and all the Holiday events, can be stressful for familes. Here are a few tips to help reduce the stress during this month of December.
One step at a time
* Those around you will appreciate more time with a relaxed you- the best “present” you can give is your unruffled presence.
*Honesty counts. Be frank about your needs verses wants when it comes to spending and shopping, eating, and exercise or extra
holiday activities.

” Luck is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity” Oprah Winfrey
* Take the time to plan menus, shopping lists and event calendars. The investment in planning time is worth it.
* If you’re the host, make sure you line up reliable help for party preparations and clean up.
* Let the calendar or PDA do their job. Don’t forget to ad “me” time, “down” time, or “break” time.

Enjoy holiday events, just don’t overdo it.
* Some indulgence is OK, but also practice balance. Balance your food choices, spending and time committments. Budgeting is
not only for money, but also for time and energy.
* Get plenty of rest, eat healthy meals and snacks, and keep up usual routines for exercise.
*Connect with others. Identify someone as a stress reduction partner who can be a call or text away.

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