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With lifestyles constantly changing we need new opportunities for managing our well-being. Lifestyle Education is an on-going need for all family members. Everyday we hear how our health and wellness is under “attack”. We question the information being presented by and through the worldwide economic markets. America prides itself and supports research-based educational institutions. American History supports this fact by our legislative branch of government passing the Morrill Act of 1862 in which land was set a side to establish “land-grant colleges and universities” ; and in 1914, passing the Smith-Lever Act that established the Cooperative Extension Service in Agriculture and Home Economics.

What does this mean to Americans today – 108 years later? The demand for Continuing Lifestyle Education is higher today then in 1914. The Ohio State University Family & Consumer Sciences Extension Educators have stepped up to address the demand by offering Virtual Dining with Diabetes, a Lifestyle Education opportunity.

Registration: go.osu.edu/dwdfallseries2022

Written by:  Margaret Jenkins, OSU Extension Assistant Professor, Clermont County jenkins.188@osu.edu

Reviewed by: Beth Stefura, OSU Extension Educator, Mahoning County. stefura.2@osu.edu


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