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According to the Arkansas Cooperative Extension Service’s family life information, our personal journey can be successful with effort. It is not something that happens by accident but requires work and making many daily choices. The information from the website http://www.arfamilies.org highlights seven topics to consider and work on along the path as we strive to complete our journey.
*Let’s start with Enjoy Today! In the daily grind of life do we focus our attention on the obstacles along the path or do we focus on the beauty that is around us? How much more fun is seeing beauty rather than a roadblock?
* The second topic looks at the gems in our past. This area centers not only around finding the gems, but on cherishing those past gems. Remembering the good aspects of your life history rather than the negative or disappointing aspects can help lead us on that positive life journey.
* A third point deals with the future. Being excited about the future and hopeful about what is to come can be difficult. Looking for and expecting to find good things often leads to finding good things. When we are tempted by anxiety and fear, the more hopeful we are, the better the outcome usually is.
*Really examine your strengths and weaknesses. When we use our strengths and manage our weaknesses we challenge ourselves to do the things we love to do.
*Service can certainly lead us on the path to happiness. When our focus is primarily ourselves, our world becomes narrow and limited. When we turn our energy and attention to others the satisfactions of our lives expand.*Growth and continuing to grow is a sure sign of progress in life. Finding new projects, experiences and ideas to fill our life rather than stagnate and get stale is critical to happiness.
*Finally, our compass must accompany us on our journey. This is our conscience. The Arkansas site defines the compass as the compassion, honor and kindness we hear from that little voice in our head.
Taking the time to make these choices helps us create the best possible choices. For some writing is helpful in this process. More information and sample journal pages for use are available at the website http://www.arfamilies.org. Start on your life journey today and expect more happiness to await you.

Source: http://www.arfamilies.org

Author: Elizabeth Smith, Family and Consumer Science Educator, Ohio State University Extension.

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