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It is finally spring and my favorite time of the year! I hope you are celebrating that not only has spring has arrived, but so has National Nutrition Month. This is a yearly celebration during the month of March to create awareness about making informed food choices as well as developing healthful eating and physical activity habits.

March is also a great time to enjoy springtime foods! Have you noticed the beautiful color of food this time of year? What are your favorite springtime foods to cook and serve? There are many to choose from including strawberries, spinach, and my personal favorite are the bright orange “bugs bunny” carrots! If you need a little inspiration for spring holiday dinner ideas here are two videos (3 minutes each) of my favorites green bean recipe and a cucumber dill appetizer recipe. Quick, easy and healthier!

National Nutrition Month is a great time to learn about different food choices and educate your family as well.  This year’s theme is “Fuel for the Future” and include the following messages:

Theme 1: Eat with the Environment in Mind

  • Enjoy more plant-based meals and snacks.
  • Purchase foods with minimal packaging
  • Buy foods in season and shop locally when possible.
  • Start a container or backyard garden to grow food at home.

Theme 2: See a Registered Dietician

  • Ask your doctor for a referral to an RDN.
  • Find an RDN who specializes in your unique needs.
  • Learn how nutrient needs may change with age.
  • Received personalized nutrition information to meet your health goals.

Theme 3: Stay Nourished and Save Money

  • Plan your meals and snacks.
  • See what food you have at home before purchasing more.
  • Use a grocery list and shop sales when purchasing food.
  • Learn about community resources.

Theme 4: Eat a Variety of Foods from All Food Groups

  • Include your favorite cultural foods and traditions.
  • Eat foods in various forms including fresh, frozen, canned, and dried.
  • Avoid fad diets that promote unnecessary restrictions.
  • Practice gratitude for your body by giving it the fuel it needs.

Theme 5: Make Tasty Foods at Home

  • Learn cooking and meal preparation skills.
  • Try new flavors and foods from around the world.
  • Find creative ways to use leftovers rather than tossing them.
  • Create happy memories by eating with friends and family when possible.

I hope you find time to enjoy a few springtime foods and don’t forget to get outside and soak up some sunshine!

Happy Spring!


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Written by:  Shari Gallup, Assistant Professor, Family and Consumer Science Educator, Licking County, Ohio. gallup.1@osu.edu.

Reviewed by:  Laura M. Stanton, Family and Consumer Sciences Educator, Ohio State University Extension, Warren County, stanton.60.osu.edu

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