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We come home from work and we are hungry and are looking for something to eat right away. Are we really hungry or is it a habit? It is easy to walk in the door and be triggered to eat.
So, the next time you get a craving for foods ask yourself, how you are really feeling. Am I stressed out? Am I sad or bored? Maybe you are eating to fill a void that is an emotional void.
Many things center on food. Socializing with friends often involves food, but many other activities can be done without food. Consider taking a walk, swimming, riding bikes or playing video games that are active. Exercise helps suppress appetite.
Another important topic when discussing craving is hydration. Many times you think you are hungry when instead you are thirsty. Between meals try to drink water and wait before eating to see if the hunger still exists. Try added lemon, lime or even a cucumber slice to your water.
Enough sleep is also important in the craving area. When you are sleepy you tend to think you are hungry when you may just be trying to pry your eyes open.
The size of the container or plate may be throwing the hunger meter off too. The container or bowl holding your food can determine the amount of food you eat. A study in the American Psychological Association found that when folks went to the movie they ate 45%more popcorn from an extra –large bucket than from a large bucket. Likewise, when given a 16 ounce bowl kids ate more cereal than those given a 8 ounce bowl.
Try to ask yourself if you are really hungry or whether you are having a craving. A craving is associated more with taste then hunger. When truly hungry your stomach makes growling noises and feels empty. During this feeling you tend to eat almost anything, not just a specific food.
Being aware of this and paying attention to the cues is really important. Charting and recording your level of hunger and mood sometimes will create the awareness to make those changes that will improve your eating habits for good.

Source: http://www.extension.org/families.food fitness
Author: Liz Smith, FCS Extension Educator, OSU Extension

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